About us

About us

We approach each and every project with discipline and respect towards the teachings of the great artistic masters, while incorporating modern technologies to create new possibilities and genuine excitement.

Our history is rooted in Mural painting and Restoration. These two are the platforms of knowledge, talents, and ethics passed down father to son. Our continued reverence for techniques deeply rooted in tradition made way for other specializations like Specialty plaster finishes, faux finish, faux concrete & microtoppings. Gold leaf installation. Metallics & Oxidations. Limewash & much more.


Lime-Based Specialty Plaster Finish.

Lime-based plasters are another example of ancestral artistic wisdom. We build upon this inspiration to create a wholesome palette of finishes capable of satisfying the highest standards of luxury and sophistication. Whether for interiors, exteriors, ceilings, walls or floors, we adapt this finish into a classical or contemporary style to beautifully marry your vision.

The constant and natural evolution of lime-based materials produces one of the most versatile, sophisticated and creatively abundant wall-covering options for whatever your decorative style.

Environmental Living

We work closely with the main distributors from France and Italy, whose love and respect for the material, the tradition and the creative genius has now evolved into creating an array of sustainable materials with low to none Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) nor Formaldehyde.

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